Our Services

From defining the roadmap and selecting the right tools to implementation and support, Adhoclogica is a reliable partner to support you in achieving your goals.

Adhoclogica is able to support you in defining the right path for your trip. Share with us where you are and where you want to go and we will support you on the way. All this happens through the following steps:
Understand both business and IT in depth
Specify the technology area

Specify the technological drivers and their target
Identify alternatives and timelines
Recommend the technological alternatives to pursue
Create the technology roadmap.
Our experience in different areas and different businesses can be used to find together areas of opportunities in your company. This through a complete analysis of your current processes, highlighting the deviations from your work requirements and creating an action plan to get back on track.
Experience, knowledge of business processes together with a deep knowledge of SAP are the critical factors of success to have excellent results in an implementation. No matter if you are a global player or a local company, our expertise will help you achieve your goals.
Our mission in delivering a project can be summarized in these three key phrases:
What you need
In time
Respecting the budget
The goal is: do not block the business, keeping the system “Up and Running” and accelerate it where is required.
This sentence summarizes our commitment to ensuring responsive support, with quality and trust.
And not only that, because through evolutionary management we can support you in improving your system landscape.

Every customer is different and has different needs.
For this reason we can design the type of support you need to better ensure the continuity of your business.