Company with a staff of over 50 people with proven experience and professionalism, a constantly growing trend, a portfolio with customers of international standing, strategic partnerships, direct experience in the management and implementation of prestigious projects in Italy and abroad.

Today, Adhoclogica is one of the most well-known and dynamic companies in the north-west of Italy in the field of IT consulting focused on SAP solutions.


Competence and Professionalism:
the only synergy possible to achieve the objectives.

The implementation of integrated management information systems can not be separated from a deep knowledge of the system itself. The analysis of the customer’s requirements, the definition of a feasible and replicable solution, the identification of the user’s learning processes are the prerequisite for an effective implementation. The way to achieve is the key to success.

Adhoclogica tends to high quality standards to achieve a higher level of service: teaching, experience, continuous updating. Collaboration, sharing and growth are the guiding rules.


Mission: excellence.

We share the goals and ambitions of our customers. Strengthened by our experience and professionalism, we work together to offer the most suitable solutions to manage the complexities of their business. By helping them to better face the daily challenges, we want to transform their businesses into a reality of excellence.

Strategic alliances

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