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Il collega Daniel Torres Henao ci parla del Demand Driven Material Replenishment Planning (DD-MRP).

Alla scoperta del Demand Driven Material Replenishment Planning (DD-MRP). di Daniel Torres Henao “SAP APO-SNC-PP Consultant”. supervisione: Fabio Favro “SCM Manager”. Parole chiave: Demand-driven replenishment (DDMRP), SAP S/4HANA, Buffer levels.   Introduzione: La pianificazione tradizionale dei materiali è un processo in cui la previsione è l'input e comunica ai pianificatori quando, cosa e quanto produrre, [...]

Promotion cannibalization with SNC

In this article we will explain the concept of cannibalization, what is its effect on promotions and how SAP SNC allows us to manage it. Cannibalization is the impact that a new or promoted product has on sales and reductions of existing related products. An example of this is when [...]